This year we are up for already our 5th edition of Digital Transformation Day. Below you can find the road we already covered and what is up next:

It started with an idea …

Coming from a broad history of organizing smaller IT-seminars, the team dreamt of a totally different event. An event that would connect not only the technical pieces, but would connect all things digital within an organization or group.

… and quickly became reality

In October 2016 we announced our very first edition of the Digital Transformation Day. A day where the “business people” meet the “it people” under a roof of technical possibilities. Already from the start we focussed on the combination of tech and the human factor, because that is only way a company can be ready for transformation.



The first edition of Digital Transformation Day

It finally happend: after months of hard work we held our first Digital Transformation Day in June. A day with +150 attendees, +20 sponsors and even more digital ideas coming from the amazing speakers in multiple tracks. Looking back we can say it was an immediate success.

The second one

One year later we exceeded our own expectations and welcomed over 200 attendees to our venue. With an even stronger agenda we focussed more on the human aspect of digital transformation. We also added a unique (digital) networking tool, allowing our visitors and sponsors to share more knowledge.

The third one

Building further on our first two editions we perfected Digital Transformation Day. This year companies started to realize more and more that transformation is not just tech: it’s a human mindset. For humans to change their mindset, a lot more is needed then just a new tool. In 2019, over 250 people joined our event that expanded to six different tracks this year.

The virtual one

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” – Albert Einstein.

Due to the pandemic we were forced to revise our plans this year. We went from a physical event to a pure virtual event. We changed the whole concept without losing our core: how can new technologies empower your business and prepare your company for the future?

In three days, over 850 visitors attended our virtual event. We made sure there was enough interaction via our livechat and networking sessions. Together with our main partner KPMG we teamed up and built a startup village where startups were able to pitch their stories. With +30 speakers we can surely talk about our biggest edition yet.

The story continues

Want to learn how new technologies can help your business? Join us this year in October for another virtual edition of Digital Transformation Day.