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Steenweg op Antwerpen 26
2300 Turnhout, België
The platform for the dynamic business manager or decision maker who is busy day in and day out with the policy and organization of his company. What can you expect? Technological choices are no longer made by the IT manager alone. Just think of the use of internet technology for selling or marketing products. Or what about security or a new telecom infrastructure? Or ERP and BI projects, always very radical projects for an organization. These are strategic choices that have a direct impact on a company's business processes, efficiency and even operations. Therefore, also on the financial results of a company. Technology is increasingly seen as a means to help companies achieve their business goals. Full management is involved in such important choices. Techpulse Business gives these managers, in plain language, the opportunity to better understand this technology and thus make the right decisions.

Jens Jonkers


Market research: a full view on the Belgian IT-industry of 2021

The Belgian IT-industry is in a constant change. To keep track of how the industry evolves, we conduct a yearly market research among hundreds of participants.

During this session we will present the most interesting results of this year’s survey. Who are the main providers for hardware, software and other IT-services? And how does the corona pandemic influence the budgets and investment plans of companies? These are only some of the questions that will be answered.

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