Stratics at #DTD21


Kontichsesteenweg 38A, 2630 Aartselaar
Stratics helps other companies in developing a Data Driven Marketing Strategy. Successful data driven marketing is based upon capturing relevant customer data combined with the understanding of the customer's behaviour. This leads in relevant marketing actions inspired and driven by insights. Stratics coaches and advises companies to better understand their customers' behaviour through Data driven insights Our vision: We aspire to constantly reimagine how technology solves process and data challenges to help people and organizations thrive.

Kris Vranken

Managing Director

How to take control of your digital transformation journey?

Today you need to be digitally equipped to deliver value to your existing and new customers in a rapidly changing environment.
Digital transformation is not just about moving from offline to online: it’s about building a real-time connection with your customers. Digital transformation requires a data driven approach, powered by a scalable, secure and consistent technology platform that helps you monitor processes, track costs and maximize return on investment.

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