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Employee range: 18 // Kontichsesteenweg 38A 2630 Aartselaar
Stratics was founded 18 years ago and helps other companies in developing a Data Driven Marketing Strategy. Successful data driven marketing is based upon capturing relevant customer data combined with the understanding of the customer’s behaviour. This leads in relevant marketing actions inspired and driven by insights. Stratics coaches and advises companies to better understand their customers’ behaviour through Data driven insights. Data are everywhere and are streaming in from everywhere. It is clear that the classical NAW and basic CRM data are not sufficient. We must also be aware of transactional, aspirational and relational data and take them into account as well. Stratics consolidates all those data in a relational Customer Data Platform called “Marketing Insights Platform”. This platform enables the customer to extract the right, actionable insights. This is the key to turn digital transformation processes into long-term growth and profitability.

Kris Vranken

Managing Director

The role of data driven strategy in Digital Transformation.

Today you need to be digitally equipped to deliver value to your customers in a rapidly changing environment. Digital transformation is not just about moving from offline to online or upgrading technology. It’s about building a business that is connected to its customers, is not limited to one value chain and can evolve quickly with changing times.

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