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Sirius Legal

Employee range: 10 // Mechelen Office: Veemarkt 70 2800 Mechelen // Brussels Office: Marsveldplein 5/21, 1050 Brussels
Sirius Legal is a young niche law firm that focusses entirely on technology, data and the digital era. We offer pragmatical, fast and affordable legal advice to start-ups, tech companies and any other company that requires help with questions surrounding technology, use of software, data protection, intenret, e-commerce and consumer protection. We assist companies with all legal aspects of digital transformation, including GDPR compliance (data protection by design and default, DPIA’s data export outside EU, DPA’s, DPO missions, …), (legal) cyber security audits, cookie compliance, contract audits with software suppliers and developers, internal risk assessments, contract drafting, internal policies, company set-up, etc…

Bart Van den Brande

Managing partner

Digital transformation in marketing without crossing red

In this presentation, Bart Van den Brande, the Managing Partner at IT & Media Law firm Sirius Legal, reminds us of the fact that while (especially AI driven) Marketing Technology seems to promise endless possibilities in marketing and e-commerce, there is always another side to the medal and in this case that other side is drawn by laws and regulations that put constraints on the limitless use of new technology.  Bart will show how data protection regulations, cookielaws and consumer protection laws impact and limit the use of technology in your marketing department or in your webshop.  But don’t fear, today’s presentation will not end your believe in technology.  At best it will learn you to think twice and proceed with caution…

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