Orion at #DTD20


Minderbroederstraat 17/2 / 3000 Leuven
In 2016 the product Orion was created by ThinkNexT. Orion enables enterprises to take automated action on written customer requests. We increase your company's efficiency in order for your customer service to handle larger volumes more easily, gain more insight in customer requests and increase customer satisfaction.  Orion is an engine based on artificial intelligence that plugs in on top of existing email solutions and CRM systems.

Thomas Van Durme

Co-founder and managing director

Using Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service - for real.

AI has been in the spotlight quite significantly over the last two years. Due to this hype, many companies find themselves wondering how to really leverage these new technological capabilities. We will present a number of concrete use cases of how the Orion AI product has been deployed in customer service environments, its benefits but also potential pitfalls. We’ll also have a look at what is currently technologically possible, but maybe not always feasible market-wise. And we’ll conclude with a glimpse on future AI capabilities.

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