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ECI Software Solutions

Employee range: 1800 worldwide // Baaikenstraat 21/2 9240 Zele Belgium
As ECI we understand the challenges companies face every day and knows how to develop industry-specific solutions. We help our customers realizing operational excellence, profitability and growth by implementing the latest software technologies like ERP, APM, CAD/CAM, Accounting, BI, Supply Chain Management and mobile applications. Our vision: We aspire to constantly reimagine how technology solves process and data challenges to help people and organizations thrive.

Jasper de Vreugt

Director of Marketing

Digital transformation for tomorrow's manufacturing companies.

Hybrid IT landscapes offer great benefits, but they also create productivity challenges. How do teams create streamlined automated processes that run across multiple cloud, virtual, and legacy systems? How do IT pros orchestrate complex tasks for the best results? They get both with a modern approach to workload automation and scheduling.
In this session Redwood’s Automation Experts Jeroen Mullink and Hans Monfils will focus on the ways up-to-date workload automation and scheduling delivered via software-as-a-service (SaaS) provides the flexibility, visibility and control needed to make transformative progress in any enterprise.  Join us to learn more.

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