Genesys & Proximus

Three steps to transform your digital customer experience

Great customer experience happens when customers feel they are really taken care of

91% of companies say a better customer experience was (one of) the principle goal(s) to start digital transformation (Gartner, 2020).
Customers’ lives are increasingly digital, blurring the lines between marketing, sales and service for brands. Businesses recognize the strategic benefit to better orchestrate every consumer touchpoint. Listen to your to customers, understand and predict their behaviors, and then act and learn by combining digital event and real-time data to build personalized engagements, successful experiences and loyal customers.
This session, will show you how you can take the right steps to transform your digital customer experience with real-life examples.
This interactive presentation will show the capabilities of the Genesys Cloud combined with Proximus’ proficiency in advanced ICT services. And, of course, there will be plenty of room for your questions too.


Name: Michel Delfosse (Genesys)

Function: Country Manager Belgium & Luxembourg


Name: Antoine Van Brussel (Proximus)

Function: Head of Communicate & Collaborate Solutions, Enterprise Business Unit

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Company info

Think possible: a digital world of opportunities

Think possible means that we are convinced that new digital solutions will make our lives easier, will enable us to work together in smarter ways and will allow us to make our world sustainable.

We know very well that we can only move forward together. At Proximus Enterprise we articulate this as progressing digitally together with partners and clients. That is one of the reasons that why we are here with Genesys, a leader in omnichannel customer experience software.

With Proximus’ communicate & collaborate solutions and services, we enable enterprises to stay in contact with their customers and their employees; to work efficiently with their colleagues, wherever they are, trough any device and their preferred communication channel(s).

And that is why we say to you: Think possible.