Mobile apps trends

Let’s take a look together at the state of the art of mobile architectures in a year when many companies have seen their digital transformation accelerated. Technologies and trends but also the fundamentals of UX Design must be kept in mind.


Name: David Renoux

Function: Managing Director

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1700 digital creative and doers in 7+ countries.

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We are SMILE, the European leader in Open Source digital services.

We support companies to make reliable decisions in technology that enhance their business, such as digital and e-commerce platforms, business applications, Data, embedded technologies & IoT, and Infrastructure management.

Since we were born, our approach is based on a deep understanding of the market specificities, the business and financial perspectives of the companies, and their expectations from now onwards to the next years. Our open source DNA is a huge guarantee of our value proposition. As fair-minded people, we do not want our clients to be trapped in a single or inappropriate solution: our recommendations always follow the business objectives and organization.