Drive Digital Transformation with Workload Automation for the Hybrid IT Enterprise

Hybrid IT landscapes offer great benefits, but they also create productivity challenges. How do teams create streamlined automated processes that run across multiple cloud, virtual, and legacy systems? How do IT pros orchestrate complex tasks for the best results? They get both with a modern approach to workload automation and scheduling.


In this session Redwood’s Automation Experts Jeroen Mullink and Hans Monfils will focus on the ways up-to-date workload automation and scheduling delivered via software-as-a-service (SaaS) provides the flexibility, visibility and control needed to make transformative progress in any enterprise.  Join us to learn more.


Name: Hans Monfils & Jeroen Mullink

Function: Sales Executive & Pre-sales Consultant

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Redwood Software is a global process automation company that delivers flexible and managed solutions to unleash human potential and drive business success. We work with you to build solutions that free the time and resources associated with repetitive manual tasks, so your people can focus on helping your organization stay ahead. Over the last 26 years, we’ve provided over 3,000 customers with automation solutions. It’s not just what we do, it’s in our DNA.

A key element in successful digital transformation, according to Dan Twing, president of Enterprise Management Associates® (EMA™), is the modernization of “the IT tooling used to develop applications and manage the IT infrastructure.” This is where workload automation and job scheduling come in.

The repeated everyday activities managed by IT ops are hugely important for the business, particularly in the drastically changed environment we’re in. As complexity grows, and new situations develop, it’s critical for these activities to be orchestrated and coordinated in an adaptable way. Key business processes need high levels of automation that can function flexibly without significant human intervention.

But most job scheduling tools don’t provide the real flexibility businesses need to succeed in the new normal. They’re generally based on old mainframe technology, which means they require lots of manual handling and workarounds. Using multiple tools isn’t the answer either, as manual handoffs between solutions create risk for business processes. It’s only by modernizing automation capabilities as well as how these capabilities are delivered that businesses can access the speed, reliability, quality and flexibility they need to drive successful digital transformation.

Redwood’s RunMyJobs® goes beyond ordinary schedulers by supporting sophisticated event and time-based triggers together with simplified monitoring and alerts. It runs critical tasks, ranging from business process orchestration and data movement, to big data analytics, development, and test migration. Every automated activity is backed by role-based security and designed to enable logical process governance. It even includes automated, auditable records of everything that happens.

RunMyJobs offers smooth integration with any application, too. It uses APIs to automate and unify tasks easily between legacy and more modern technologies – across any application, connectivity type, platform, middleware, or system management interface.

Finally, and importantly, because it’s the world’s only workload automation solution built specifically to be provided as a service, and delivered via SaaS, RunMyJobs brings these expanded enterprise-level workload automation capabilities to any part of your enterprise with unlimited scalability.
Now is the time to transform the kind of automation at the core of business and how it’s delivered. Redwood’s modern workload automation is just the ticket for fast, resilient, and flexible digital business transformation.