The Sessions

KPMG, as main sponsor of the event, provided several speakers. These speakers are listed below.


Customer, Sales and Marketing in the New Reality

The C-19 pandemic propelled the use of new concepts in customer engagement, sales and marketing years ahead of even the most optimistic predictions on digital adoption.

In this short Webinar Patrick Maes, Head of the KPMG Customer, Sales and Marketing Advisory Practice will share insights on how to surf on these new developments and how to be prepared for upcoming paradigm shifts in customer and commercial strategy.



How do hackers operate?

Cyber security ranks in our top priorities for customer year over year. Due to COVID19, many organizations decided to move to the Cloud in an accelerated way, often bypassing internal controls & processes and violating traditional policies. This gave hackers new ways to get into organizations. The session will elaborate on how the New Normal has shifted the attack surface and how this leads to new rules for protection and Cyber risk management.


Hiring for diversity – developing the “untapped” talents

At BeCode, we’ve trained over 1.000 “untapped talents” and soft-landed many of them into their new ICT-careers, including the graduates of the very first AI School in Belgium. We’re happy to share our insights on how to identify potential, boost self-learning and develop the skills required to join your teams!


Digital transformation is people transformation

Covid and the demands of the hybrid workplace have laid bare a fundamental need to reinterpret people strategy for the coming decade. As companies scramble to patch the suddenly-visible disconnections between people, knowledge and process, we must ask ourselves: what is the real goal of digital transformation?


What is your agile superpower?

Our CIO-survey identifies that over 2/3rd of organizations are in need of significant modification of their business model, in order to answer to changes in customer behaviour due to the COVID-19 crisis. In these times, it is more important than ever to be agile. What is the role that you play as an agile superhero in your organization? KPMG has developed practices to help you uncover your agile superpowers!


Connecting fintechs and incumbents – a double sided challenge

The explosion of fintechs globally over the latter part of the decade has presented both opportunities and challenges for incumbent financial services companies. A maturation in this sector has led to the adversarial model giving way to a partnership model – but how do they find each other? KPMG’s Matchi platform presents a solution for quickly and efficiently identifying partnerships in the global fintech sector.


Collaborate to innovate: a hands-on approach

Corporates and startups have finally understood the opportunities that arise from co-innovation. In practice, however, such collaborations are not always running smoothly. We present a hands-on approach for startups and corporates that want to engage in common innovation projects that reduce the risk of misalignment and allows both parties to better understand each other.


Are call centers outdated ? Meet next-generation high-quality customer experience through AI.

Digital assistant, chatbot and voice AI technologies evolved drastically over the last years and are now reaching a level of maturity allowing their integration in call centers at a reasonable cost.
From simple voice-enabled FAQ to  more complex use cases, relying on  systems of records data, you will learn what are the possibilities, the key challenges and typical pitfalls in the implementation of voice AI solutions in a call center.

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A combination of sector knowledge, business and financial expertise and technological insights uniquely position KPMG teams to work with organizations to achieve end-to-end digital transformation. From strategy to tech enablement to cultural change, our multi-disciplinary teams take a holistic view of how processes, platforms and behaviors across the front, middle and back offices need to evolve.

KPMG can assist you throughout the entire project life-cycle from the clear definition of your business drivers and goals to the selection of the appropriate software, technology and partners for the implementation of the actual system. Specifically, we can help with the following:
—   strategy development
—   project planning
—   project management
—   quality assurance
—   post implementation review

Successfully transforming your business will impact all aspects of your daily operations and technology can play a big part in facilitating this transition. But let us not forget that digitalization is only a base condition for our future business. KPMG’s real strength is combining our traditional expertise and core businesses with the power of new technologies.